Buddy Bikes

BACK2Bikes has been appointed as the official Australian distributor for Buddy Bikes.

We recently unpacked and assembled 2 of the Buddy Bike "Sport" models for customers. We celebrated at the Middle Park fort, and everyone had a great time

If you are interested in buying a Buddy Bike, please visit their web site by clicking the logo here:

If you have any questions, please use the "Contact us" page.

We can supply any of the Buddy Bike models and accessories, shipping take up to 6 weeks, including customs clearance. We are based in Melbourne, and can ship Australia wide.


Our pricing includes assembly. If you can't come to Melbourne to collect the bike, we ask that you arrange with a local bike shop to assemble it for you to make sure the limited warranty is valid.


Prices will vary depending on the exchange rate and shipping costs. We don't keep a stock of bikes, we ship to order only. Please use the contact form to ask for a price quote.
(inc GST)
Buddy Bike SportBB104-AL-27.2$2,050
Buddy Bike Family Limited EditionBB102-AL-NU$2,000
Buddy Bike Family BB102-AL-8$1,750
Bike seat with back restSEAT-E2SUN$80
Fold out foot pegsFP100-31.8-A$40
Pedal extendersPED-41479$22
Set back seat postSP600-30.4$31
Pletscher bi-pod kickstand
(included with Buddy Bike Sport)
Note: Accessories must be ordered with bike, or additional shipping charges may apply.


It costs the same amount to ship two bikes as it does one. We pass on the shipping at cost, so it's best if we can order more than one bike at a time to save you money. Shipping on our last order (of two bikes) was $700, so it cost each customer $350, inclusive of all import duties, shipping costs and GST.
ItemNumber of
bikes shipped
(inc GST)
We are hoping to be able to place regular orders for bikes, so that we can keep the costs down without you having to wait too long for the next order.

Technical details

The Buddy Bikes are very well made, and use good quality brakes and gears. The brushed aluminium finish on the frame is practical, as there is no paint to chip.

The bikes are bigger than a normal bike, although not as big as a regular tandem. The bi-pod stand is recommended (it's standard on the "Sport" model), as with the large handlebars, it is difficult to lean the bike against a wall. The bi-pod stand lifts the back wheel off the ground (like a motorbike stand), so the bike stands very well.

The bikes are also a little heavy (due to the size), so lifting them onto a car rack is best with 2 people.


We can service the Buddy Bike for you (at a reasonable price), but a local bike shop should be able to service it without problem. The frame is the only non standard component on the bike, and there have never been any problems reported with the frame.


We provide the standard Buddy Bike limited warranty, which is outlined on their web site.


We will handle any warranty claims, and we prefer it if you bring the bike to us to handle the claim. If it is not possible for you to bring the bike to us, we can discuss how you can involve your local bike shop in the process. We will need evidence of broken or faulty parts, as Buddy Bike will need to see the evidence before they agree to any claim.