Ouch! Web site crash

I took the advice that the WordPress upgrade shouldn't break anything, and made a backup just in case. Well, you guessed it, the web site was borked, and the backup didn't make it good again. Google cache has given us copies of the previous versions of the pages, so now we just need to rebuild it. It might take a day or two before it's fixed :)

New premises

We are now settled in (just!) to our new garages at 525 Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne. Still open just one day a week, but that will change soon, we'll do a Thursday, and possibly some saturdays too.
View Larger Map Prototype tool shadow board
A prototype for a toolboard for a bike workstation, which contains the most commonly used tools.

September 2013

Training Workshops

We are currently arranging premises for bike maintenance classes, and will be announcing course dates soon.