Our mission

BACK2Bike's mission is to provide bike training services, and bike recycling for the local community. It will take the form of a social enterprise, and do the following:


We are incorporated as a Australian company, limited by Guarantee. This means that any profit we make is reinvested back into the business, and we don't pay tax on it. There are no directors fees or profit distributions.

We are filling a need for bike training and recycling where there are currently very few offerings. Bicycle usage is increasing dramatically, more people are using them for daily transport, and the government is spending money on bike infrastructure. Port Phillip's Department of Sustainable Transport is a strong supporter of BACK2Bikes.

We charge for services, but at a level below normal bike shops. We will provide free bikes to other charitable organisations, and bikes/servicing at further reduced pricing to health care card holders.

We are not in competition with local bike shops. We don't have the full range of parts and service options, and we generally can't do same day servicing. We don't sell new bikes, apart from some special needs bikes, which local bike shops don't usually offer, as they are too low volume for them.