We do bike servicing. We are well equipped to service most bikes. We carry spares for mountain bikes, hybrids and old ladies/gents bikes.

We generally don't do full services on high end mountain bikes or road bikes as we don't stock all the parts, but we can do a small service or adjustment on them, or we can order in parts for you, or you can supply the parts.

Our prices are generally cheaper than regular bike shops, because we don't have the same overheads. We do, however, take care and make sure that everything is done properly, as we are not under the same time pressures. Right now we are only open one day a week, and depending on our workload, it may be ready the same day, but it might take a week or two. We may be able to loan you a similar bike while yours is being repaired.

Our parts and accessories are competitive in price too, but we don't carry the same range as local bike shops. We can order things in for you, and they generally arrive within a few days.

Pricing (not including parts):

Puncture repair (incl new tube): $15
Small service: $50
  • Adjust brakes and gears
  • Clean chain and gears
  • Lube derailleurs and cables
  • Check hubs for wear/play
  • Check tyre pressure
  • Check brake blocks/pads
  • Check bolts are tight on
    • Cranks
    • Headset
    • Wheels
    • Bottom Bracket
Full service: $100
  • Same as Small service, plus...
  • Clean and regrease wheel bearings
  • Clean and regrease headset
  • Clean and regrease bottom bracket
  • Replace brakes if worn
  • Replace cables if required
  • True wheels
True wheel: $10, new spokes $1 each Bike Building: from $100

We can do the following:

  • Assemble and check an imported bike
  • Assemble a bike from your parts
  • Swap components from one frame to another
  • Assemble a bike to order from our parts
  • Paint an old (eg steel) frame to your order
Wheel building from $50
  • Includes quality stainless steel spokes
  • Trued to an even tension
  • You supply hub and rims
  • We can rebuild your wheel