Not failing fast

Your startup idea may be great, but what ends up making it a success may be a little different or a lot different. A key part of the Agile methodology is to fail fast. What this means is, learn from mistakes quickly. Failing fast means measuring results, and continuously adapting until the results are better. …

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It starts with something like: Let’s go serverless, and build micro-services and you could substitute many other technologies in there, whatever the flavour of the month is. Now your chosen technology is cool, I mean really cool, but we shouldn’t let the technology drive the business. Doing something like micro-services isn’t trivial. In theory each …

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Scaling too early

Scaling too early is related to over-engineering. Engineers worry about getting to the kind of scale that Facebook and Google have, so want to architect systems for that ultimate scale. This level of scalable engineering is not cheap, and will change the way you write your code, making it a slower process to develop it …

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