Jess Odri

Why, hello! I’m Jess. I am currently studying at Coder Academy with the goal of becoming a Junior Developer. Before deciding to switch careers, I worked as a receptionist/secretary in a hospital.

I love coding because it gives me the opportunity to solve problems and there is always something new learn. I will never get bored!


My absolute favourite thing to do is hang out with my two cats, Gimpy and Alfie. I also enjoy reading a good novel and going to the library. Meow.

What I want to get from this project?

I want to learn more about the tech stack we are using ie. React, Meteor, MongoDB etc. and be able to work effectively in a team. I also want to become familiar with TDD as I have not yet had the opportunity to do it very much.

The opportunity to have Mike and Matt as mentors during this project will be invaluable and I look forward to learning from their knowledge and experience.

Most of all I want to be able to deliver a MVP that will be of value to our client.

Where do I want to be in 12 months?

In 12 months I would like to be employed in a company where I can receive mentorship and continue developing as a developer and make useful contributions to the team.