Mike King

Hi, I’m Mike. I have been a developer for a few years now, and love it. I have built quite a lot of stuff, ranging from real time telecomms, data acquisition systems, betting systems, data warehouses and front end apps.

Javascript is the place to be these days, and I have adapted myself into the space, using all the best tools on offer.

I created Back2bikes in 2012, not knowing what it would lead to, and now I am extending it into new areas with this project. It’s all very exciting.


I like everything about cycling, riding, fixing, racing, talking about it. I own under 12 bikes (not including the ones at Back2bikes)

I paddle an Ocean racing ski on Port Phillip bay, the squad I train with go out all year round, even when it’s cold and blowing a gale. In fact those are the best days to be out in the waves

I volunteer at Apollo Bay Surf Life Saving Club, and Sandridge Life Saving Club, so I spend quite a bit of time in and around the water.

I also code for fun, and am always updating my skills with new tools.

What I want to get from this project?

I want to make this project successful, which means guiding the team to do the following

  • Develop and test a quality app
  • Improve Back2bikes operations
  • Help you understand the development workflow
  • Help you become effective in a team environment
  • Have some fun

Where do I want to be in 12 months?

Running a software app consultancy