April 2022. A not for profit, “Back to Dev Ltd” has been incorporated.

We are excited to bring our services to prime time. We have been practising for a few years already, so we’re quietly confident that we’ll do well. So here is what we do:

  • Provide meaningful employment for a diverse range of people
  • Provide career pathways and real world experience
  • Develop people to be their best
  • Technology consulting services

Being a not for profit allows us to focus on the people in our business. Profits that would normally go back to shareholders can be used to train and develop our people, which in turns strengthens the company, and improves our skills. We need some very smart people, but we also want to provide meaningful employment for the less fortunate.

Career Pathways

Completing a university degree, or a boot camp shows that you are committed to a career in technology, and yet it can be quite difficult to land a job. And that first job may not be fulfilling, when you are given menial tasks, and not given much in the way of career guidance.

Working at Back to Dev will be quite different. It’s in our interest to help you develop your skills, so we are going to challenge you, while giving you help and guidance. We’ll work together to set a sustainable cadence – we don’t want you to burn out! It’s very much a team effort, our senior people will work with you, and once you have progressed, we’ll expect you to return the favour with the next cohort of juniors.

Technology consulting services

Our core offering is technology services, in the form of teams of people. In an ideal engagement, we provide either a whole team, or part of a team to work on a project. We focus on building high performance teams. High performance does not mean writing the most lines of code, or beating deadlines. A high performance team establishes clear lines of communication, and establishes trust with the stakeholders, working together to achieve agreed outcomes within timeframes that are achievable.